10 Sci-fi movie remakes we’d love to see in 2021

Contributor Tyler Sherman has a few sci-fi remakes he’d like to request for 2021. Seems like every movie is a remake these days, so why not?

Bring ‘em Back!

With all of the remakes going on today, everyone is waiting on the edge of their seat, wondering what will be next, and will they once again destroy our childhood or give us all that nostalgia we long for? For some of us nerdier folk, we would love nothing more than to see some of our favorite sci-fi movies come back into the spotlight.

The 1980s and 1990s produced some of the best sci-fi flicks, many of which still hold up today, like E.T. or Star Wars. However, others could definitely benefit from a modern take. So that begs the question: What sci-fi movie remakes would we like to see?

Here’s our top 10, which is completely opinionated and open for argument in the comments section below. In fact, I challenge you all to change my mind.

Number 10: Outland

Release: 1981

Plot: Set in the future, Federal Marshal William T. O’Neil, portrayed by Sean Connery, is stationed at a titanium mining colony on the Jupiter moon, Io. After a couple of suspicious deaths, O’Neil launches an investigation alongside Dr. Lazarus, portrayed by Frances Sternhagen, which leads to the uncovering of a drug smuggling operation via the company that runs the mine for performance enhancing drugs.

The company, tired of O’Neil’s meddling, dispatches two assassins from Jupiter’s Space Station, which is 70 hours away. The story turns into a fight for O’Neil’s life as he struggles to survive and get back to his family on Earth.

Reasoning: While Outland was not everyone’s favorite movie, it does have its merit. A futuristic version of High Noon might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but hear me out…

This movie mainly suffered the first time around due to bad dialogue and giant plot holes, both of which are easily fixable. Despite all these problems, many sci-fi fans still consider it to be a classic of the 80s. Sean Connery took what I would regard as a not so well-developed character and made him a lovable hero worth rooting for. 

In a modern remake, not only could this movie look visually stunning, but the flaws that plagued the original could be cleaned up, leaving us with a film that the first one should have been.

Number 9: Liquid Sky

Release: 1983

Plot: Liquid Sky is a rather interesting, not very well-known movie of the 1980s sci-fi realm. It revolves around a couple of bisexual, cocaine-addicted models, who are visited by a UFO and a series of deaths caused by, of all things, an orgasm. I won’t go into too much detail here as I’m sure many of you haven’t seen it and I hate spoilers.

Reasoning: So this is one of those strange movies that, when you pick it up and read the back, you more than likely would put it back down. It just seems a bit odd, and with it being released in the 80s, it definitely was a bit ahead of its time where social acceptance is concerned. It Follows, a supernatural horror film about a killer spirit that passes on via sexual encounters, is a perfect example that this type of thing flies in this day and age. Liquid Sky is prime for a reboot or remake, take your pick.

Number 8: Spaceballs

Release: 1987

Plot: For those of you who live under your floorboards, Spaceballs is probably the single most awesome knockoff of Star Wars to ever hit the screen. The plot shakily follows that of Star Wars, a pilot and his sidekick fight the evil Spaceballs in hopes to save the princess. If you know anything about Mel Brooks, you can get a good idea of how this movie plays out. 

Reasoning: In my own little world, this movie might have been my number one. Mel Brooks has long been one of my all-time favorite directors, and this movie is no different. However, I have to keep you all in mind too, and there are other movies that I think might be better suited.

While I would never want a full remake, I do think a much-deserved reboot is in order. And with Rick Moranis coming back into the spotlight, I think it’s time the world relearned the ways of the Schwartz!

Number 7: Repo Man

Release: 1984

Plot: Repo Man follows a punk rock slacker named Otto, portrayed by Emilio Estevez, who is working for a repossession agent played by Harry Dean Stanton. After a few normal jobs, Otto comes across a Chevy Malibu with a high price tag and something otherworldly in its trunk. Basically, anyone who looks in the trunk bursts into flames!

Reasoning: Honestly, this movie is just great. It’s a really good film for someone who isn’t as in to sci-fi but doesn’t mind it being a part of the story. There is just so much going on from aliens to consumerism to the punk rock vibe of Otto seeping into the rest of the film. The comedic relief of this film is just spot on and the story is so unconventional that it is almost believable.

There aren’t any major CGI benefits that a modern-day film would bring, but it is such a classic that I’m sure a modern remake could be done in style. 

Number 6: The Jetsons

Release: Original 1962, Rebooted 1985

Plot: The show, as almost anyone knows, was an animated series set in the future. It revolved around a family, the Jetsons, living in Orbit City and their day to day lives with robots, aliens, and all sorts of futuristic goodies.

Reasoning: Okay, so I know this isn’t a typical one, and many of you might get on my case for this being high on the list, but come on, it’s The Jetsons! If you lived in this timeframe at all, then there must be some level of nostalgia towards this futuristic family and their dog, Astro. I think a live-action rendition of this film would not only be a hit but might even bring around a return of this hit animated series to our kids, which would be awesome considering what I’ve seen them watching. 

Number 5: Scanners

Release: 1981

Plot: Scanners is about a select group of men and women that are born with telekinetic powers, and about the renegades that use their powers to cause chaos.

A scanner who isn’t a part of this chaos is recruited to fight it, hunting down those of his kind who support this underground movement to rule the world, and a few heads blown up in the process.

Reasoning: Though there are several sequels to this flick, none have come from the mind of David Cronenberg, the original writer/director. While not an automatic go-to, Scanners is still a classic for most. I mean who doesn’t love people blowing up brains with their mind, right?

Plus, this film had a lot of issues going into production, being rushed to be completed in just a few months before a script was even written. Still, despite the flaws this caused, it was still an overall decent movie.

There were talks in 2008 about a reboot, though some clashed with the idea, saying that the political charge written throughout the plot might not adhere to today. Personally, I think there is plenty always going on in politics to more than fit this overtone. However, the project fell through and now its time for us all to band together and get this project moving once again.

Number 4: The Fly

Release: 1986

Plot: Seth Brundle, portrayed by Jeff Goldblum, has the hots for journalist Veronica Quaife, Geena Davis, and decides to show her his latest research in an attempt to win her over.

He has been developing a teleportation machine, but something goes horribly awry when a housefly enters the machine as the same time as he successfully teleports himself, mixing their genes together. This unfolds into a horrible and slow transformation he must find a cure for before it’s too late.

Reasoning: Do I really have to explain this one? Who doesn’t love The Fly, or, for that matter, Jeff Goldblum.

The 1986 rendition is a remake in and of itself, and it is my firm belief that this must be made new for every generation as this is just one of the classic sci-fi horrors of all time. I only hope that, if redone, they can somehow incorporate Jeff into the new piece, at least as a small cameo.

Number 3: The Fifth Element

Release: 1997

Plot: The Fifth Element is a classic space opera with all of the usual fixings. Set in the 23rd century, we have Korben Dallas, portrayed by Bruce Willis, protecting a girl named Leeloo, Mila Jovovich, while attempting to protect the holder of the four Elements on a space cruise which is hijacked by shape shifting Mangalores and an egotistical corporate maniac.

They must unite the four Elements with the fifth, Leeloo, in order to save the world from the Great Evil that is rushing towards Earth. 

Reasoning: I don’t know many people that haven’t seen The Fifth Element, and for those few of you who haven’t- SHAME ON YOU! While the film was not perfect, some often calling it campy or a little too over the top, overall reviews and audience reception was good. It was different, something that wasn’t too serious compared to other sci-fi movies and just so full of creativity.

While Dallas and Leeloo’s story seemed to wrap up nicely for the most part, I think this movie might do from a reboot rather than a remake, something I feel is synonymous in today’s day and age.

I would love to see either a new story set in this same world concept, or a continuation of the original characters, though I’ll leave plot points up to the original creator of this masterpiece.

Number 2: Krull

Release: 1983

Plot: Krull is your basic prophecy movie, with an old man foretelling of a prince that will liberate the enslaved planet Krull from their masters, known as Slayers, and their leader, Beast. After the young prince’s bride is stolen by the Slayers, the prince embarks on a quest to save her from the asteroid-like Black Fortress that hovers over the skies of their planet. 

Reasoning: I hesitated to put this movie on the list just because of the controversy surrounding whether or not it was even good. While many critics found it dreadful, there are those diehard fans that just don’t care what those stuffy old bags have to say.

Yes, in some respects it came very close to being a simple Star Wars clone, and the writing could be just a bit all over the place, but the overall story was there.

I am very much in the camp that this film was an all-time classic and has its places on the list of greats, but it isn’t untouchable, which makes this the perfect movie for a remake. A new look and a deepening of the plot/characters and this film has an honest chance of being one of the rare few remakes that is actually better than its predecessor. 

Number 1: Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Release: 1988

Plot: The title of the movie is pretty self-explanatory, but a little more information never hurt anyone. In a small town, aliens that look clowns, or “Klowns” as known here, terrorize the townsfolk using an array of weaponry that looks like toys, to cocoons and sentient popcorn. Plus, let’s not forget the circus tent UFO!

Reasoning: Killer Klowns from Outer Space made number 1 one this list for so many reasons, it is impossible to list them all here. There is just so much going on within such a simple concept.

With just the name, you get that there is something humorous to the entire idea, but there is also a dark nature to it as well that promises depth most find is delivered. The movie has often demanded a sequel, though no one has been able to get themselves together to realize that this cult classic will never disappoint. I mean, this movie is even becoming a regular at Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios! 

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