Gelatinous: Humanity Lost

Development Update (and giveaways!) 8/3/2021

Things are getting more and more real around here lately.

The official story is that Gelatinous is pretty much “finished” and just requires a bit of polishing and a few bug-squashes to bring it to a state that we’d be satisfied to share with the public.

But of course, the real story is that there is a bottomless pile of to-do’s that we could really spend years chopping away at. But really, the prototype is finished and from here it’s just a matter of how polished we can make it before sending it out.

Along with development, I’ve been focusing on getting the marketing train puffing along. Most notably, our pre-launch Kickstarter page is LIVE! Go sign up right now to be notified when we launch. Early birds get a discount, so don’t be shy.

I’ve also been teasing Twitter with the possibility of some giveaways in the very near future. I just ordered a sample run of Gelatinous Posters that could be included in game boxes. I’ve got to see how well they fit before committing to that considerable expense.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to give away a few posters to some lucky fans. We’re planning to do a giveaway for every 100 followers we get on our Kickstarter page. So yeah, go follow that, and follow us on Twitter to be eligible.

Development Update 7/16/2021

After a bit of much-needed breathing room, me and John are back at it. And this time we actually have something to show for our troubles!

Behold the latest version of The Box!

Over the past year or so of working on Gelatinous, it has hardly felt real at all. But seeing my glorious box art rendered in full 3D hit me like a truck. This is totally happening, folks!

At this point, the game is fully developed. Mechanics are in place. Bosses are designed. Kaboom.

However! There are still bugs that need squashing, play that needs testing, sprites that need a few tweaks and the bosses pretty much all need a bit of fine-tuning. A few more cutscenes are going in.

Basically, we feel like we could release the game TODAY and it would be totally playable and even quite enjoyable. But we want to deliver the absolute best possible product for our peeps, so thanks for your patience.

Besides the game itself, we are still working on nailing down the finer points of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Running the campaign is pretty much a full job in itself. Add in the design time for all the swag we want to create, the game, manual design, plus our families and jobs… whew!

So thanks for all your support. It will be rewarded soon. Ish.

Development Update 5/3/2021

As Gelatinous nears completion, things are starting to slow down. Building a video game from the ground up is exhausting and the last few months of development have been a great time to look at the whole of our project and start really thinking about the next steps.

We’ve already got the complicated gameplay mechanics in place, levels are built (except one very special one), and the final boss is being playtested and debugged. But we’re nowhere near finished.

Playtesting will take a while, and there are some more bonus features waiting to get rolled out. We turn now to marketing and publishing, which many developers find boring, but to us it just feels gooood.

We are planning a Kickstarter for later this year, hopefully in the summer and certainly not later than the fall. By the time it launches, we will have a playable demo, though we aren’t sure how we will distribute it.

The point of the demo though, is to show that the core of the game will be complete. We’ll actually have a product that could go live and be completely viable on day one of the Kickstarter. But we want more!

The Kickstarter campaign will help us do a few things.

  1. Cover funding in advance for the production of cartridges, boxes, manuals, shipping et al.
  2. Gauge user interest as we continue beyond the Kickstarter and into regular distribution
  3. Help bring to life those little bonuses fans crave: Shirts, stickers, plushies, keychains, and perhaps even an old-school strategy guide.

Stay updated as our saga continues and check back often.

Development Update 3/11/2021

Greetings, Goo Crew! It’s been far too long since our last update. If you want more content from the team, you should follow us on Twitter .

If you’ve been worried about Gelatinous, you can stop now. The game is still very much under development, and still on track to release this year.

We’ve powered through much of the core gameplay development (John did, anyway), and all of the attacks and movements are pretty much set.

The levels are all designed (except for one very special one we’ll talk about another time), and we’re in the process of making some really cool bosses for you to battle! Boss creation has been the slowest and most complicated part of this process yet, as we really want to provide players with something unique.

Concept for one of the bosses

With just a few more major dev milestones left, it’s time to really start focusing on promotion and production. We are still planning a Kickstarter campaign to get Gelatinous funded upfront and offer some nifty rewards for those who want to help us get this project off the ground.

More on the Kickstarter campaign later. More on everything later, really. Just stay tuned for more updates!

Thanks and talk soon!

Development Update 12/18/2020

As 2020 wraps up (finally!), we are happy to say that Gelatinous: Humanity Lost is in a great place. But there’s still a lot to do. Like, a LOT to do! It’s too early to give an official completion date, but we are targeting the first quarter of 2021.

Most major gameplay mechanics are in place, and the first stage is entering the playtesting phase. We’ve got more than half the game mapped out with art, enemies, traps, and treasure. It’s coming along!

The biggest challenge to development has been working around the strict limitations that Game Boy development imposes. We have a ton of big, epic ideas that we simply can’t put into a Game Boy game. But don’t worry; all those ideas are going into a bucket and will certainly find their way into our next game.

In addition to more or less constant game design and development, we are brewing a Kickstarter campaign to try to get more revenue and get physical copies produced, with all the trimmings you’d expect from a brand-new Game Boy game. Stretch goals will include a fold-out map, strategy guide, mini comic, and who knows what else?

And finally, we are putting tons of thought into the in-game extras and bonuses that you’d expect from an official release. We’ve played enough indie games to understand the difference between a good game and a professional game. We want to deliver the best, most polished, most professional product to our fans. So stay tuned and follow us on Twitter to get all the latest Slime News.


Steven & John

Introducing Gelatinous: Humanity Lost, a brand new experience for your Game Boy.
Coming soonish.

Gelatinous: Humanity Lost is a brand new game for the Nintendo Game Boy slated for release in the first quarter of 2021.

With inspirations ranging from Mega Man and Metroid to Mario and Castlevania, Gelatinous promises innovative action in an original setting. Begin the game powerless and learn to navigate your environment however you can as you explore and unlock new powers.

Published in association with Pop Decades, Gelatinous is a collaboration between Quest Arrest creator John “Retro Room” Roo and Steven Long, owner of


Gelatinous Facts

Release Date:
projected Q2, 2021

Developed By:
John Roo and Steven Long

Game Boy (Initial Launch)
Additional platforms to follow

Retro adventure platforming

Previous Work:
Quest Arrest, Game Boy
Chip’s Challenge, SNES and Genesis


Steven Long
(Art, Maps, Creative Direction)

John Roo
(Lead Developer, Designer, Producer)